Rocky Mountain Ranges of the Canadian Rockies in Montana, Alberta & BC

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Welcome To The Northern Rockies

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Differentiating the American & Canadian Rockies

The Rocky Mountains (or the Rockies) extend 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico. In British Columbia, Alberta, and northwestern Montana, marine sedimentary rock has been folded and thrust faulted into a series of parallel ridges consisting of limestone and shale. Elsewhere (with the notable exception of southeastern Idaho and southwestern Wyoming), broad basins found between blocks of uplifted granite predominate. Some refer to the former as the Canadian Rockies and the latter as the American Rockies.

The Northern Rockies

Over the years, the term Northern Rockies has referred to a number of locations including:
  • The geological formation referring to the Canadian Rockies
  • The Muskwa-Kechika area occurring in northeastern British Columbia
  • The northernmost section of the Rocky Mountains ranging from approximately Liard River to McBride in British Columbia
  • The ecoregion (adjacent to the Canadian Rockies ecoregion) stretching from British Columbia into Washington, Idaho, and Montana of high rugged mountains with glacial lakes where western white pine, western red cedar and grand fir are common and co-exist with Douglas fir, subalpine fir, Englemann spruce, & ponderosa pine
  • The Lewis and Bitterroot Ranges occurring in western Montana and northeastern Idaho


This site will focus upon the easternmost ranges of the Western Cordillera consisting of limestone and shale that extend from B.C.'s Liard River to Montana's Blackfoot River.

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