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Who Do I Contact For Permission To Use Images Or Information From the Site?

Western Montana Info does not use pop-up or pop-under ads.  In most instances, a new window will be opened when you click on a external link or merchant banner. 

If a pop-up or pop-under ad appears on your screen, it either came from a visit to another site or through the installation of a spamware/spyware trojan horse (e.g. Bonzi Buddy, Comet Cursor, Gator, FastClick, WhenU, Xupiter).  If you suspect you have a spamware/spyware trojan horse, we recommend the use of AdAware or Spybot Search & Destroy


What Are The Optimum Settings To View This Site?

We recommend that you view the site with a screen area of 800 x 600 pixels, a minimum color setting of high color (16-bit), a text size of medium in a browser capable of employing cascading style sheets.
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