Television & Radio Stations in Western Montana

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A comprehensive listing of media serving areas west of the Continental Divide is provided below:

Television Stations

Location Television Stations Network
Butte KXLF 4 CBS
Butte/Bozeman KWYB 18/28 ABC
Kalispell KAJ 18 CBS
Missoula/Kalispell KTMF 23/59 ABC
Missoula KPAX 8 CBS


Location Call Letters Frequency Format
Anaconda KANA 580 AM Oldies
KGLM 97.7 FM Adult Contemporary
Butte KBOW 550 AM Country
KXTL 1370 AM Talk
KAAR 92.5 FM Country
KOPR 94.1 FM Classic Rock
KAPC 91.3 FM Montana Public Radio
KMBR 95.5 FM Rock
KMSM 106.9 FM Alternative
Deer Lodge KBCK 1400 AM Country
KQRV 96.5 FM Country
Hamilton KLYQ 1240 AM News Talk
KMZO 90.3 FM Contemporary Christian
KUFN 91.9 FM Montana Public Radio
KXDR 98.7 FM Adult Contemporary
Kalispell KGEZ 600 AM Alternative
KOFI 1180 AM Oldies/Talk
KUKL 89.9 FM Montana Public Radio
KSPL 90.9 FM Christian
KKMT 95.9 FM Contemporary
KBBZ 98.5 FM Rock
KALS 97.1 FM Christian
KZMN 103.9 FM Classic Rock
KDBR 106.3 FM Country
Libby KLCB 1230 AM Country
KTNY 101.7 FM Nostalgia
Missoula KLCY 930 AM Nostalgia
KGVO 1290 AM News Talk
KYLT 1340 AM Talk
KGRZ 1450 AM Sports Talk
KBGA 89.9 FM Campus
KMZL 91.1 FM Contemporary Christian
KUFM 91.9 FM Montana Public Radio
KGGL 93.3 FM Country
KYSS 94.9 FM Country
KBAZ 96.3 FM Rock
KZOQ 100.1 FM Classic Rock
KMSO 102.5 FM Adult Contemporary
KDTR 103.3 FM Adult Alternative
KKVU 104.5 FM  
KKNS 105.9 FM Talk
KBQQ 106.7 FM Oldies
North Missoula KUFM 89.1 FM Montana Public Radio
Plains KPLG 91.5 FM Christian
Polson KERR 750 AM Country
Ronan KQRK 92.3 FM Retro
Superior KLTC 107.5 Alternative
Swan Lake KUFM 91.1 FM Montana Public Radio
Whitefish KUFM 91.7 FM Montana Public Radio
KJJR 880 AM News/Talk
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